From a special appreciation for culinary tradition and ancient Japanese wisdom to embracing modern trends, ‘cultiva’ is at the heart of our miso recipes.

Steeped in 100 years of history, our recipes are rooted in ancient Japan.

It’s impossible to appreciate and understand our origins just by tasting our miso products.  Our aim is to educate the public about its unique history and how we’ve got to this point; tasting the food isn’t enough.  That’s why we’ve created ‘cultiva’.  We never stop asking our customers about the food they eat.  Because we believe that by listening to the public and asking more  questions leads to a cultivation and refinement of our products.

Our aim is to refine traditional products for a modern market, which is known as ‘cultiva’: we strive to produce dishes which combine traditional methods and embrace modern techniques, without compromising on flavour.  Miso is experiencing a renaissance.  

The Traditional Craftsman

He is a craftsman with a 28 year career making miso and other fermented foods.  He has tried his hand at a variety of miso dishes, using traditional techniques such as miso made with ‘koji’,‘jicama’ and ‘milet’.

During the second world war, rice wasn’t available, so our Japanese ancestors created their own recipe of miso, using wheat from the fields.  The recipe is a constant reminder of how miso contributed to Japan’s diet.   The traditional origins of skilfully manipulating koji and producing high -quality products are being kept alive today by being passed down to younger generations.

We are on a mission to pass on our passion "the art of miso".

Innovative Artisan

They are a seventh generation of a long-established company with over 100 years of experience.  Innovative artisans are taking on the challenge of innovating products while remaining faithful to its past traditions.

Our company incorporates the aesthetics of Japanese culture into our products, developing products to reflect our unique heritage and culture on the book “In Praise of Shadows” in umami flavours from barley and koji flavours.

Impressed by the loyalty of craftmanship dating back 100 years, innovative artisans have discovered the true value of ‘cultivation’.

Our experts travel the world to discover fabulous flavours and authentic ingredients.  We share our knowledge and passion for quality food with chefs and distributors so we we can appeal to a global market.

Rock Miso

We ‘rocked’ long-aged barley miso! In Japan, barkey miso is classified as a rare type of miso, with a production rate of 2.8% (in 2023). There are probably only a few producers of high-quality barley miso, especially those that pursue ‘umami’ and ‘aroma’. Automation in the production process can overlook adverse changes in quality, whereas artisans observe and respond to changes in quality by noting a difference in taste. The Japanese are proud of recreating and constantly developing the best quality flavours. We are also improving our techniques in marketing our products. We want to ensure we maintain the highest standards, even though we are using different ingredients. Our message is clear: never change the original concept of its flavour. Although our dishes contain flavours and ingredients from all over the world, we still manage to retain our authentic flavours, which continue to pay homage to 100 years worth of our culinary past. And we believe we have a duty to protect the next generation as much as possible from the ‘silent spring’. So we choose organic ingredients as possible.

The Delights of Tasting the 'Season'.

Yuzu and truffle are used for their aromas, while sansho and ume (plum) are blended for their freshness, allowing for a combination of different flavours. Food scenes change with the seasons. In our daily routine, we may enjoy each day visually. We believe it is best to bring this to the moment of enjoying food. Our miso is not the main ingredient in your dishes, but we definitely notice the difference in flavour without it due to its diverse aromas and flavours.


We, ’Cultiva.’ choose partnerships with chef who value and respect our ideology, so you can always rely on the finest ingredients.

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Please refrain from making enquiries other than for purchases.