Special enjoyment of traditions.
Special time for art of 'traditions and innovation’.

It is not enough to have products alone to give people a taste of over 100 years of traditional skills through 'food'.

Foodies who feel the value of " experience ".
Top chefs who spend time every day to "communicate".
Artisans who weave together tradition and innovation in search of the “unique".

Only when the trinity of chefs, foodies and artisans come together does the time begin to flow for an unprecedented enjoyment of a special space.
A different world beyond history.

Encounters with "Cultiva." weave people into the future.

Traditional Artisan

Kazuhiko Tomiyama is an artisan with a 28-year career making miso and other fermented foods. He has tried his hand at a variety of miso using traditional techniques. Miso made with 'koji', which was created using ' jicama’(稷) and ‘millet’(粟) that our Japanese ancestors devised and used for food during the food shortage in the WWⅡ, is the starting point of 'Art of Miso', which reminds us of the fields in post-war Japan.

The technique of skillfully manipulating koji and producing high-quality products is now being inherited to be spun off to younger generations.

Innovative Artisan

Kaworu Hayakawa is Seventh generation of a traditional company with over 100 years of tradition. The company is taking on the challenge of innovation based on the concept of '‘unchanging the essence of traditions’'.
Impressed by the loyalty to the brand of the artisans working in a company with 100 years of history, he discovered the value of 'cultivation'.
The company translates the aesthetics of the Japanese into product value, developing and proposing products that project jJapanese culture. Kaworu sometimes takes on the
challenge of gastronomic fusion and refines his sensibility through dialogue with top chefs from all over the world.

Rock Miso

We 'rocked' long-aged barley miso. In Japan, barley miso is classified as a rare type of miso, with a production rate of 2.8% (in 2023). There are probably only a few producers of high-quality barley miso, especially those that pursue 'umami' and 'aroma'. Automation in the production process can overlook changes in quality, and artisans observe and respond to changes by feeling the atmosphere on site. We Japanese are proud of the endless aesthetics of mastering the ‘道 dou', which is ingrained in us. And we are also engaged in safeguarding the 'future': with the exception of a few special recipes in Rock Miso, we only use certified 'organic' products for our base barley miso. We believe we have a duty to protect the next generation as much as possible from a future that threatens 'silent spring'.

The Delights of Tasting the 'Season'.

Food scenes change with the seasons. In our daily routine, we may enjoy each day visually. We believe it is best to bring this to the moment of enjoying food. Collaborating with the season For example, yuzu and truffle are used for their aroma, while sansho and ume (plum) are blended for their freshness, allowing for a rich variety of enjoyment. Miso is not the main ingredient in cooking recipes or seasonings. We are of course aware of this. We are proud to be a behind-the-scenes presence that, although not the mainstay of existence, is immediately noticed when it is missing or deteriorating. We only want to continue our relationship with partners who understand us and give us their fullest presence.


We, ’Cultiva.’, only deal directly or through contracted distributors.

If you are interested in purchasing our products, please contact us via the contact form below. We can also introduce you to distributors in export areas.

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Please refrain from making enquiries other than for purchases.