Do you know the recipes of "umami・so"?

New seasoning “umami・so“ is dried miso powder.
The materials are simply, soybeans, barley and salt only. Additive-free of Hayakawa Miso is uesd.

We have developed a delicious fermented umami powder of miso that has been said to make it impossible after 5 years of research.

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We want to improve the food culture of Japan and our local area. We want more people to enjoy “miso” easily!

This is the product with such a wish.

umami・so -miso-
This one with wine and cheese
is perfect.
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umami・so -Yuzu-
This one with chicken is really good!
Yuzu is like Japanese Citrus.
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umami・so -sesami-
This one with rice and bread is yummy.
You know what is umami after enjoyed.
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