Southern Kyushu Food Culture

Soy sauce with a unique sweetness

Special seasoning for Japanese

Delicious sweetness on your table

Southern Kyushu

The soy sauce we produce is made using the mixed method. This is a manufacturing method in which the unique soy sauce culture was formed mainly in the Kyushu region. It is sweet and a typical seasoning in Kyushu. Especially soy sauces in the southern Kyushu region such as Miyazaki and Kagoshima are known for their high sweetness in Japan. This culture is shaped by consumer preferences. Whether it is due to the warm climate or due to the background of sugarcane cultivation and sugar production, the reason for the increased preference is not certain, but the food culture of South Kyushu is maintained without being influenced by national trends That is certain.

fluid and transitory

As a soy sauce manufacturing method, major companies in the Kanto area, like Tokyo,  are the main methods of manufacturing by honjozo. However, the combination of soy sauce and Kyushu food culture is the mixed method and mixed fermented method.

In the Kyushu region, there was a time not easy to buy wheat from market. That time we focused on concentrated amino acid solution, which was made by breaking down soybeans that had been produced a lot in Kyushu, was mixed with soy sauce and used. This trend has been handed down as a soy sauce culture in Kyushu for a long time. Because of the taste and flavor that can only be expressed in this way, today it is loved as one of the diversity of soy sauce rooted in the local community.