Our Japanese fermented food is… what?

Barley miso

Our miso is made from barley, soya beans and salt. It is produced especially in the southern part of Japan. The miso has mellow aroma of barley and good balance of umami, sweetness and acidity.


Umami Pawder

Dried miso is more versatile.
The after taste is like cheese. It’s like a bridge between Japan and the rest of the world.  It can be used in most European dishes, so it’s very easy to use.



Amazake is a non-alcoholic beverage. The materials are rice and rice koji only. Rice koji is a kind of bacteria that promote fermentation. Ours is a popular seasoning for sugarless because it is super sweet!


Our society


Product development for the environment and for the next generation is our proposition.
We are an internationally certified company.


Miso powder looks different from conventional miso but it is essentially the same flavour and high quality and it’s made with the same passion so in that sense it’s no different.



We have the international hygiene certification FSSC 22000. We enjoy the potential for collaboration with the whole world. Fermented foods no longer have borders.