Our Japanese fermented food is… what?

Barley miso

This miso is made of barley, soy and salt. Made in the southern part of Japan. As is the case with barley bread, it is a miso that is particularly compatible with Westerners.

Umami Pawder

I want you to feel more about Japanese fermented foods. It is very difficult to explain the fifth taste, “umami”. That’s why we created a seasoning that can easily express it.


Amazake is a non-alcoholic beverage. The materials are rice and rice koji only. Rice koji is a kind of bacteria that promote fermentation. Because it is very sweet, it is also a popular seasoning for sugarless.

Our activity!


In order to protect the earth’s environment and develop sustainable businesses, we have acquired the organic international certification “Ecocert”.

Food loss

There is no unnecessary food. What can Hayakawa do to create a sustainable industrial structure? We are currently looking for a project with farmers.

World famine

Fermented foods are specialized for preservation. It is spoken as an emergency food in Japanese tradition. We believe that nutritious Japanese traditional foods can help solve world problems.