Amazake and Beauty.

Inner beauty with Amazake!

Amazake is a popular beverage that is consumed by a wide range of children and adults.
And recently, we feel that the connection with "beauty" is more widespread than before around women.
Do you know why amazake is called "medical drip"?
It is generally known that rice koji amazake contains glucose, oligosaccharides, vitamin B groups, and amino acids that are easily absorbed by our body.

Amazake nutrients

Contains all nine essential amino acids that cannot be synthesized in the body.
Essential amino acids are components that make up the body, such as skin and muscle. It is also used as a raw material for hormones that balance the body. It is a nutrient that is abundant in products such as meat, fish, and eggs.

Rice koji amazake made from rice

Rice koji amazake is safe for children and pregnant women because it does not contain alcohol. The material is only rice, which is saccharified (decomposed) by "Koji", a bacterium that makes miso and soy sauce.
As a result, it has already been broken down so that it can be easily absorbed by the body, making it easy to use as energy immediately like an infusion.

Therefore, if you are diabetic, avoid drinking large quantities at once.
Blood sugar levels may rise sharply due to easy absorption.

Amazake and Yogurt

The recommended way to eat is “Amazake-sugar-free yogurt".
Bacteria in yogurt help maintain the intestinal environment.
However, the yogurt bacterium alone is not perfect.
The bacteria also need energy to feed.
That is "oligosaccharide".

Eating oligosaccharides and yogurt together is thought to improve the gut environment and improve digestive ability.

The intestine is such an important organ as the second brain.
By adjusting the intestinal environment (intestinal flora), digestion and absorption can be performed smoothly. Intestinal activity also works to improve immune function.
The activity that regulates the condition of those bodies is called the second brain because it is said to be an organ that keeps moving without the command of the brain.

Intestines usually do not work well unless you have a comfortable working environment every day.

Even if you suddenly eat nutritious food, there is no point in creating a state in which the body can absorb it (a condition in which the intestinal environment is prepared).

Would you like to carry out “Beauty” through Amazake to prepare your intestinal environment from day to day?

Plus yogurt
Plus fruits
Plus milk

You can easily enjoy different ways every day!

Amazake sweets "oichi"!

There are many types of amazake.
The way they are made is different, and the type of bacteria is also different, therefore the taste changes.
oichi is a special amazake made by a Hayakawa craftsman with careful management.
Because it is made carefully, it is a special dish that cannot be mass-produced.
From overseas customers
“I can affirmed it contains sugar Absolutely”
Our answer is just “No.”
It means our amazake is super sweet due to high quality!
The ingredient are only rice “Hinohikari" from Miyazaki and rice koji , koji is name of bacteria.
Would you like to drink Hayakawa's Amazake  “oichi" to make it easy and feel delicious?

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