Invited to Food 4 Future in Spain.

The Japaneseness of the fusion of 'tradition' and 'innovation' attracted a lot of attention.

Miso is attracting attention not only as the familiar 'Miso soup', but also as a new aspect of seasoning related to 'fermented food' as a health-oriented food and 'umami' as a new taste sensation, which has been attracting attention in recent years. When we were interviewed by the local media, we received a lot of attention because of the rarity of a centennial company that handles 'Miso', which has a strong traditional Japanese image, participating in the food tech business.

Japanese vegetable cheese attracts Europeans

Only three ingredients are used: barley, soya and salt. The process by which it is made by fermentation is similar to that of cheese. The aroma produced by enzymes and yeasts is reminiscent of various cheeses. However, the fact that it is a vegetable did not hide the surprise of Europeans.

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