"Enjoy authentic miso soup easily and quickly with the option to customize to your liking!"


Types of miso

The degree of ageing and the blend of ingredients change the aroma and flavor. There are actually many different types of miso, like wine.


The key of miso soup is "umami". It is an essential element in making it more enjoyable. If you know it, you will be able to enjoy more.


The temperature range and salt concentration should be adjusted by water, and miso soup is more enjoyable when melt with soft water if possible.


healthy miso soup

The Japanese morning soup. It has a relaxing effect that gently wakes the body.

with seafood

Luxurious miso soup improved in taste by the shellfish broth.

with vegetables

A classic miso soup to enjoy with vegetables.

with rice

Trendy product to enjoy miso soup with rice in a broth and more.

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